How to Love School Again

For many parents (and their children), whether the are back to school on a modified plan or doing a fully remote-learning schedule, an educational professional recommends the following advice for embracing this new school year.  Thank you, The New York Times for your article, Keeping a Love for School Alive.

  • Create a welcoming at-home learning environment with clear boundaries
  • Figure out what they hate, and why they hate it
  • Don’t catastrophize about the “what-if’s” about your child’s education


Update Info on the RFL Association Meeting

The Riverton Free Library Association is scheduled to have its September Board meeting on Monday at 7:30 PM at the home of its President, Kim Paulsen.

Board members and the public can attend via Zoom in order to safely participate as well as meet the NJ Sunshine Law guidelines.  Please stop by the library’s bulletin board or contact the Director, Mr. Christian at to receive the Zoom ID and Password for that evening’s meeting.

Thank you!


Opening Our Doors!! A Message from our Director

From Mr. Christian, our BCLS Branch Manager and Library Director

Good news!  Roughly six months after we closed our doors we are now allowed to reopen for browsing.  This will begin this Monday, September 28, 2020.
There are some conditions:
  • Properly worn mask (that means covering mouth AND nose) at all times and temperature check upon entry
  • Only 12 customers allowed in at any one time
  • You will now be able to pick up your holds here at Riverton (though you can still do curbside at Cinnaminson if you prefer)
  • We cannot accept returns at the desk.  All items being returned must still go through the book drop.
  • While we are open to browsing and computer use (including copying and faxing) we are not yet open for notary services
  • We are not open for meetings, programs, or as a study/work area
Basically, you can come in and look through the collections and check out what you want.  All other services are still on hold.  But still, this is a big step forward.  It’ll be nice to see people again.


Libraries in the News!

For those who are concerned about mail-in voting, “one of our most trusted institutions” is being considered as a site for dropping off voting ballots — public libraries!

The New York TimesHow Libraries Can Save the 2020 Election opinion page investigates those cities that may extend the steeled and secure voting boxes that would be available at public libraries — saving voters from in-person or mailing in their ballots.  Read the controversy in their article and you decide.

Scourges: First Japanese Beetles, Now Spotted Lanternflies in Riverton!

As most Rivertonians may know, our own Dreer’s Nursery first imported the dreaded Japanese beetle (as a grub) to the United States in some iris bulbs from Japan in 1916.  These destructive beetles spread throughout the country.  One Riverton neighbor remembered that as a boy, he collected these pests by the jar-full in order two quell their spread.


Spotted Lanternflies: This time, not that we imported these deceptively-lovely planthoppers from Japan, but they have arrived in Riverton.   The menace must be stopped in order to protect the vines, fruit trees, and other tasty sap plants that they enjoy; they are not harmful to people, but they kill trees. Praying Mantis will eat the Spotted Lanternfly, but if you see this pest, step on it, kill it, as advised by the PA Dept of Agriculture.