Unique in Burlington County, we are both a library that is managed by a not-for-profit volunteer association as well as a branch of the Burlington County Library System

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Scourges: First Japanese Beetles, Now Spotted Lanternflies in Riverton!

As most Rivertonians may know, our own Dreer’s Nursery first imported the dreaded Japanese beetle (as a grub) to the United States in some iris bulbs from Japan in 1916.  These destructive beetles spread throughout the country.  One Riverton neighbor remembered that as a boy, he collected these pests by the jar-full in order two quell their spread.


Spotted Lanternflies: This time, not that we imported these deceptively-lovely planthoppers from Japan, but they have arrived in Riverton.   The menace must be stopped in order to protect the vines, fruit trees, and other tasty sap plants that they enjoy; they are not harmful to people, but they kill trees. Praying Mantis will eat the Spotted Lanternfly, but if you see this pest, step on it, kill it, as advised by the PA Dept of Agriculture.

Fall 2020 Meeting of the Riverton Free Library Association Board of Trustees

The Regular Meeting of Riverton Free Library Association Board of Trustees will be meeting on Monday, September 28, 2020 at 7:30 PM

While the meeting will NOT be held at the library, it will gather at the home of the President of the Board, Kim Paulsen, which is 503 Bank Avenue.  The meeting will be available on ZOOM; details of the login, password, and the night’s agenda will be posted, soon.

If you decide to attend the meeting, please know that you most likely will not be included in the ZOOM presentation.


How to Wear a Mask

Image thanks to Piklist

This step-by-step guide was published by The New York Times.  You may find it useful in teaching How to Help Your Child Wear a Mask.

  1. Wash the mask before the first wearing using unscented soap.  Wash it at least once a week or more often if soiled.
  2. Experiment with the straps, and adjust as needed.
  3. Can’t get the straps just-right?  Sew buttons into a hairband or baseball cap for the straps.
  4. Provide distractions such as gum if your child tends to chew on the mask.
  5. Select a mask with a favorite character or animal.  Let your child name the mask!