Children and Books — Perfectly Matched

The New York Times has its 25 Best Children’s Books list for 2020.  Looking for a perfect holiday gift for a special child?  Why not consider sharing one of these titles?

Picture Books

  • Scott’s I Talk Like a River
  • Blackall’s If You Come to Earth
  • Pinkney’s The Little Mermaid
  • Tamaki’s Our Little Kitchen
  • Underwood’s Outside In
  • Berry’s The Story About Afiy
  • Alzauner’s The Strange Birds of Flannery O’Connor
  • Yoshitake’s There Must Be More Than That!
  • Van den Ende’s The Wanderer
  • Decur’s When You Look Up
  • Robinson’s You Matter

Middle Schoolers

  • Patterson & Alexander’s, Becoming Muhammad Ali
  • Shulevitz’s, Chance: Escape from the Holocaust
  • Craft’s Class Act
  • Pinkney’s Loretta Little Looks Back
  • Munoz-Ryan’s Mañanaland
  • Grossman’s The Silver Arrow
  • Watson’s Ways to Make Sunshine
  • Entrada-Kelly’s We Dream of Science
  • Jamison & Mohmad’s When Stars Are Scattered

Young Adult

  • Woodson’s Before the Ever After
  • Luen-Yang’s Dragon Hoops
  • Sayer’s Everything Sad is Untrue: A True Story
  • Hudson & Hudson’s The Talk: Conversations About Race, Love & Truth
  • Hesse’s When They Left
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