A Recommendation from the President of the RFL Friends

Iris Gaughan sent me this article that she recommended as a wonderful read about libraries.  She said: “A little realism goes a long way in a world where the next book purchase, the next apartment, the next significant other promise to finally deliver the goods.”

You, too, can enjoy this New York Times article entitled Library Books: A Small Antidote to a Life of Perpetual Dissatisfaction.”  From it: “The library does more than save me the cost of a paperback — it provides me with a template for navigating the great sea of longing and disappointment that is life.”

Giving Tuesday — Getting on Saturday!

Friends of the Riverton Free Library is having it Holiday Spirit fundraiser in lieu of its Candlelight House Tour.  Drop off a check or use our Eventbrite link to order red or white wine (or both!) to help support the library and its services.  At $30 each (handling charge of $3.46 on Eventbrite), you will receive wine in a beautiful, thermal  bag decorated with our traditional image of the library.

Order today!  Pick up your order this Saturday between 4 and 7 PM at the library.

We’re Still Taking “Holiday Spirits” Orders!

Thanksgiving is now over — getting ready for the next holiday?  Maybe need some wine to share?  The Riverton Free Library Association can help!

You can still order your wine via Eventbrite (with it’s $3.46 fee per bottle) or by dropping off your check to the library.  Each red or white wine bottle comes with an attractive, thermal wine carrier.  Please order today and designate your choice of wine/s.  Know that you are helping our library continue its service to the community.

Order pick up is Saturday, Dec. 5th between 4 and 7 P.M. at the library.


Shopping on Amazon Lately?

If you are doing your shopping online these days and are using Amazon, did you know that you can help support the library by designating us your charity?  The Riverton Free Library Association is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization and Amazon Smile will send 5% of your eligible purchases to us!

It’s easy to complete their form!  And thank you!!

  1. Visit org.amazon.com/signout.
  2. Click the yellowRegister Now” button.
  3. Search for your organization by name “The Riverton Free Library
  4. Follow the instructions to complete registration.


Thankful Thanksgiving

The Riverton Free Library Association wishes you a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.

We hope that we can help you can prepare for the upcoming holiday season.  Please consider participating in our library fundraiser by ordering a bottle of red or white wine in its own attractive thermal bag.  You can pick up your gift at the library on Saturday, December 5th.  Order your selection/s either by sending a check to the library, $30 per bottle, noting red or white wine, or by ordering on Eventbrite Riverton Free Library’s Holiday Spirits site (surcharge of $3.46 per bottle).

Thank you for your continued support!