Sunday Book Sale

The Sunday book sale will take place on Sunday, May 7th, and Sunday, May 21st. There will be no book sale on Mother’s Day and the library will be closed on the 28th for Memorial Weekend.

The Friends of the Riverton Library hosts this used book sale to benefit the library. Hardback books are $0.50, paperback books are $0.25.

All History and Travel books will be 10 cents during May!

Raffle Ticket Update

Basket ticket prices:
$5 each, 3 for $10, and 7 for $20.

Basket #1
Green bow- LOL Surprise Dolls Basket. > 2 Large Dolls, 2 Small Dolls, musical instruments, and 30 surprise gifts.

pink bow basket

Basket #2
Pink bow- LOL Surprise Dolls Basket.
2 Large Dolls, 2 Small Dolls, a musical instruments, and 30 surprise gifts.

Marvel basket

Basket #3
MARVEL Basket.
5 MARVEL Action figures, 1 MARVEL Lego set, and 1 MARVEL ornament. Finger basketball game. Discovery fossil dig.

Jewelry basket

Basket #4
Jewelry Collection.
20 pieces of name-brand jewelry.



wine basket

Basket #5
Wine Basket.
3 bottles of wine, wine book, Lenox sleigh, bottle stopper, snacks.





Basket #6

Christmas LKivation Basket

2 bottles wine, Hot chocolate, teas, local honey, puzzle, thermal mug, throw blanket, Pair of Riverton mugs.

Volunteers Needed!

Artwork thanks to Christian Ancker.

Volunteers are needed for the upcoming book sale on June 26th from 10 -2! If you are available and looking for something to do, you can visit the library’s contact page or contact Christain the Library Director at (856) 829-2476, to volunteer at the book sale and for future events.

Not yet an RFL Friend? This is a perfect opportunity to become one!

A Recommendation from the President of the RFL Friends

Iris Gaughan sent me this article that she recommended as a wonderful read about libraries.  She said: “A little realism goes a long way in a world where the next book purchase, the next apartment, the next significant other promise to finally deliver the goods.”

You, too, can enjoy this New York Times article entitled Library Books: A Small Antidote to a Life of Perpetual Dissatisfaction.”  From it: “The library does more than save me the cost of a paperback — it provides me with a template for navigating the great sea of longing and disappointment that is life.”