Take a Walk on the Wild Side!

Image thanks to Pixabay

Actually, take a hike.  Virtually.

Whether you’re taking a walk along Bank Avenue or other local, beautiful sights or seek more adventure, Travel and Leisure‘s Virtual Walking Trails Around the World that You Can Experience Right Now has found on YouTube some of the most beautiful hiking trails.  Check out:

Helping Children with Scary Feelings

Sometimes even the best of parents and grandparents might need some guidance as to how to answer a child’s questions about what scares them, for these are scary times, especially for children.

One reliable, clear, and soothing source of guidance can be found in the Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood shows.  In He Helped Us With Our Feelings, you, too can help guide children with serious questions who may not know how to constructively and safely express their fears.  If your child is having such troubles, please seek out your pediatrician or other healthcare professional.

Best Hopeful Books

Certainly there are lots of novels and non-fiction books about plagues.  An interesting revisit to pandemics of our past can be found in this The New York Times article from April 24, 2020 entitled What the Great Pandemic Novels Teach Us.

But just maybe you’d be interested in the list of Best Hopeful Books from TED, Technology Education and Design?  Although their list of 70 books is from 2016, bet you’d like to take a look at a list that is an uplifting change from our current media offerings.

Stay safe!