Annual Board Meeting of the Riverton Free Library Association

The Annual Meeting, followed by a Regular Meeting, of The Riverton Library Board of Trustees, will convene on January 25, 2021, at 7:30 p.m.

Due to the fluid situation concerning public gatherings in relation to COVID, President Kimberly Paulsen will contact Board members as the date of the meeting nears, regarding ZOOM options and information.

Giving Tuesday — Getting on Saturday!

Friends of the Riverton Free Library is having it Holiday Spirit fundraiser in lieu of its Candlelight House Tour.  Drop off a check or use our Eventbrite link to order red or white wine (or both!) to help support the library and its services.  At $30 each (handling charge of $3.46 on Eventbrite), you will receive wine in a beautiful, thermal  bag decorated with our traditional image of the library.

Order today!  Pick up your order this Saturday between 4 and 7 PM at the library.

Thankful Thanksgiving

The Riverton Free Library Association wishes you a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.

We hope that we can help you can prepare for the upcoming holiday season.  Please consider participating in our library fundraiser by ordering a bottle of red or white wine in its own attractive thermal bag.  You can pick up your gift at the library on Saturday, December 5th.  Order your selection/s either by sending a check to the library, $30 per bottle, noting red or white wine, or by ordering on Eventbrite Riverton Free Library’s Holiday Spirits site (surcharge of $3.46 per bottle).

Thank you for your continued support!

Save the Date for Our Next Fundraiser!

Mark your calendars for Saturday, December 5th as our Holiday Spirits Fundraiser!

Unfortunately, due to the novel coronavirus outbreak this year, two of our most popular library fundraisers had to be cancelled.  Iris Gaughan, President our Friends of the Library noted that without spring’s Cocktail Social and December’s Candlelight House Tour the RFL Association is short about $15,000 which is used for the library’s building repairs, ground maintenance, and library programming.  You can help!

You can either send the library a check for $30 for each order of red or white bottle/s (please note your wine selection on the memo section of your check or enclose a note) or, if you prefer, use our first online order system, Eventbrite.  Please note that their service has a $3.46 fee per $30 order.

Each bottle comes with an insulated tote.  Our Hostess Bag totes are black with a lovely drawing of the library.  Wine bottles and their totes are to be picked up at the library on Saturday, December 5th from 4 – 7 PM.

All proceeds benefit the Riverton Free Library.  Happy holidays!  And thank you!

From Our RFL Board President: A Time to Celebrate Our Library, and Help, Too

From the RFL President, Kim Paulsen.


No.  No Cocktail Social this year.  No.  No Candlelight House Tour this year.  But for those who wish to support our next library fundraiser, we are ready for you and counting on your generosity.

Please register your donation at our Eventbrite page and pick up your bottles of red or white wine on Saturday, December 5th from 4 until 7 PM.  Or send a check to the RFL noting red or white wine on your check or enclosure.