About Emily Terifay

Hi! My name is Emily Terifay. I am a current student at Clarion University and studying to become a Librarian. I love books and reading, my favorite genres are fantasy and sci-fi. I also have a mini library at my house and I add more books to it at least every two months. I also have two guinea pigs, Timothy and Lemon who are adorable, if not a little annoying at times.

How Children Read Differently

Picture by Charlotte Mei

The New York Times, Perri Klass, wrote an article about how children read differently depending on what format they are reading in. Technology, especially social media, is meant to be read fast and quickly. It takes up little processing power and requires little attention. Meanwhile, books require more focus and require more processing power. This means children need to slow down when they are reading print books in order to fully understand them.

Addressing Children’s Weight Gain during the Pandemic

Image thanks to Piklist

NPR has an article by Lulu Garcia-Navarrvo and Emma Bowman about Addressing Children’s Weight Gain during the Pandemic. The article talks about how families turned to food to maintain a sense of control and normalcy during the shutdown and children have gained weight as a consequence. But there is hope! When children go back to school and other activities as more people get vaccinated, they will drop the weight.