Scourges: First Japanese Beetles, Now Spotted Lanternflies in Riverton!

As most Rivertonians may know, our own Dreer’s Nursery first imported the dreaded Japanese beetle (as a grub) to the United States in some iris bulbs from Japan in 1916.  These destructive beetles spread throughout the country.  One Riverton neighbor remembered that as a boy, he collected these pests by the jar-full in order two quell their spread.


Spotted Lanternflies: This time, not that we imported these deceptively-lovely planthoppers from Japan, but they have arrived in Riverton.   The menace must be stopped in order to protect the vines, fruit trees, and other tasty sap plants that they enjoy; they are not harmful to people, but they kill trees. Praying Mantis will eat the Spotted Lanternfly, but if you see this pest, step on it, kill it, as advised by the PA Dept of Agriculture.