WELCOME to our New Librarian!

Who is that man pretending to be Rubeus Hagrid from Harry Potter fame, standing next to Professor Sybill Trelawney (our own Nancy Fort)?

It is our new library director and branch manager, Christian Pulverenti!

Nancy Fort has become the new director and branch manager at Cinnaminson, so she is still local for us to visit – sincere thanks for all that you have done for us, and continued success to you!  But we are thrilled to announce that “Mr. Christian” will be our new friend at the Riverton Free Library.

Christian has been serving at the main branch headquarters for the past three years in Youth & Adult Services department.  He has exciting ideas and loves our little library and community.


The eldest of six, he completed his undergraduate work at the College of New Jersey, and his Masters in Library Science at Rutgers – New Brunswick.

A resident of Cinnaminson, he and his wife, Judi, have a gorgeous five month-old daughter, Maria.

Welcome Christian!