Candlelight House Tour — THANK YOU!

candlelight-house-tour-logoWhat a wonderful evening!

Last night the Riverton Free Library held its 2016 Candlelight House Tour, thanks to so many volunteers.

The Association and the Friends of the Library thank families who opened their homes: the Brandenberger’s Brown’s, Eversmeyer’s, Farrel’s, Horton’s, Kinzler’s, Sico’s Siefert’s Wark’s and Wellens’.  A special display at the library of Historical Society of Riverton’s History Museum was a treat.  We appreciate our local, community businesses that sold our tickets as well as provided entertainment and refreshments.  And of course, sincere thanks to the team of volunteers from the library, the Riverton Free Library Association, and the Friends of the Riverton Free Library for all their hard work to make this a memorable start of the holiday season as well as a financially successful evening.

Funds that were raised will be used to support the library’s recent exterior paint job and the new roof that was installed this year.

Happy holidays to all!