Library Association Meeting for September 2016

Fall (new)Meeting summary is prepared by Riverton Library Association Board Secretary, Bea Horn.

A Regular Meeting of the Board of Trustees met Monday evening, September 26, at the library at 7:30 PM.

President Kim Paulsen noted the building exterior repair work and painting project, in progress. Much of the wood has been replaced. Phyllis Rodgers and her committee met over the summer to decide a new color palate for the exterior. Phyllis has worked tirelessly with the painting contractor, Kevin O’Shea as well as Larry Bradshaw of Bradshaw Electric, to restore our building and the lighting of its entrances and walkways. Thus far, we are within our projected budget.

Iris Gaughan has volunteered to chair the Friends of the Library. She proposed the Friends assume responsibility for the grounds, as well as continue their fund-raising efforts to benefit the library.

Kim Paulsen announced that Eleanor Paladino will not seek another term on the Board, and thanked her for her service. Eleanor joined the Board in 2002, and became our Treasurer in 2003. She has worked on the Candlelight Tours, annual cocktail parties and seen us through capital projects, with her financial projections. Kenneth Smith, Esq., who joined the Board in 2012, has also announced his resignation from the Board. We thank him for his service.

Karen Healey reported the 2016 Candlelight House Tour will take place on December 3, from 4 PM. to 9 PM. Cost of tickets is $15.00 (advance sale) and $20.00 at the door. Ticket sale dates and locations will be announced soon. In addition to nine homeowners welcoming us into their homes, local businesses will be open and carolers voices will be heard. Look for our complete list of all homes and businesses to be open within the next week.

Now that summer is over, the Used Book Sale is up and running each Sunday, starting at 1 PM.

Jo Horton has agreed to chair the annual cocktail party and fundraiser. Specifics, including date, will be announced following the Annual and Regular Meetings, to be held in January 2017.

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