Treat Yourself to a New Read

The truth is out!  Librarian, Nancy Fort likes to read quick-reads, too, not just heavy tomes.  See what you think of her new passion, Why I Love Alexander McCall Smith.

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The first Alexander McCall Smith book that I ever read was La’s Orchestra Saves the World. It tells the story of Lavender, also known as La, who moves from London to a small town during World War 2. It is a great story with many wonderful characters. McCall Smith may be best known for his No. 1 Ladies Detective Series but I have not read any of those. I did read one or two from his Isabel Dalhousie mystery series but I’m just not a mystery reader. I always feel like I missed something and when the mystery is solved in the end, I am often more confused than I was in the beginning. This series is set in Scotland and I do enjoy trying to decipher some of the colloquial phrases the characters use and some of the foods they eat for various meals.

The reason I love Alexander McCall Smith is because many of his books are short. I know that seems like an odd reason to pick a book but sometimes I need a break from bigger stories and he excels at storytelling that is both compelling and concise. The most recent book that I read was Trains and Lovers. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The title and book cover make it seem like it is a romance but it is not. It’s a story about four people on a long train journey that start a conversation that focuses on the themes of love and relationships. It was the kind of conversation that I was happy to eavesdrop on but may have been uncomfortable having with strangers on a train!

If none of the titles that I described here appeal to you, chances are that you will find something to your liking if you check the bookshelves or catalog under Smith, Alexander McCall.