Treat Yourself to a New Read

AssocMtgLibrarian, Nancy Fort, loves books in series and sequels.  This is her 7th book review in her series of book reviews!  See what appeals to you.

I love to read books that are part of a series. My preference for series started with Nancy Drew by Carolyn Keene. Every book was a new adventure but featured the same main characters that I had come to love. As a teenager, I pulled The Bastard off my mother’s bookshelf and became entranced by John Jakes’ Kent Family Chronicles, an American Bicentennial Series. I continued reading series and very often mourned the ending of them. My opinion about series has changed though and I blame that on Stephen King. For years, I read the Dark Tower series starting with the Gunslinger. I fought my way through the strange landscapes alongside the main character, Roland of Gilead. I gritted my teeth as each book got longer and longer. I wondered if it would ever end when Mr. King was involved in a serious accident and stopped writing. He did finish that series and I was very disappointed by the ending. Putting that experience behind me, I turned to A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin. The series is called Song of Ice and Fire and I really enjoyed it. I liked the characters, the story and the action but it seemed that every time I found a character that I really liked, he or she was killed off in the next chapter.   The series is incomplete and I am undecided whether I will read the next installments.

Of course I am still a sucker for any Nora Roberts series; I just love how she gives each character a chance to have their own story. I also just read My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante, the first book in the Neopolitan Series. I devoured the next two in the series and am eagerly awaiting the fourth book. It is nice to have something to look forward to and I know there are many other good books to read in the meantime.