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NewsThe Riverton Free Library Association held its Annual and Regular Meeting of the Board on Thursday, January 29th and continued its business meeting on Monday, February 2nd.  At the meeting on the 29th, President Karen Healey honored retiring members, Charles Milligan, board member since 1979, and Patricia Solin, member since 2002 and VP since 2005, for their years of service to the library and the community.

New members were voted in, Kim Paulsen and Susan Bye who is completing Charlie’s tenure.  The Executive Board was formed for this coming year: President Karen Healey, Vice President Kim Paulsen, Treasurer Eleanor Paladino, and Secretary Beatrice Horn.

On the agenda was a presentation of this website to all those in attendance by webmaster, Pat Solin.  Also discussed was the upcoming RFL Association Newsletter/Appeal, the progress of the upgrades to the library’s two public bathrooms, and the repurposing of the “new” library basement for use by the Historical Society of Riverton for the expansion and display of the town’s archival materials.  At the meeting on the 2nd, the Board endorsed the HSR’s proposal of extending their archival space for enhanced storage of historical documents and memorabilia as well as having a focused space that will continue for donated books for the book sale.

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About Pat Solin

Patricia Smith Solin worked with her son, Michael, on creating posts and maintaining the technical aspects of the RFL Association website & Facebook posts. She was the school librarian for 10 years at Riverton Public School (NJ) and contributes articles for the Gaslight News, the official publication of the Historical Society of Riverton.